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From behind

  Mon 30th July 2012
A bit of a disjointed this one. A quick wang on the accelerant to make me fit for tonight's soirée at the house of The Girl Who Only Wears Secondhand Clothes. more »


  Wed 25th July 2012
"Where are you going?" asked Jenny, as I made to leave after getting them their lunch yesterday. "To G---," I said. "To see Trina." "Is no-one going to look after us? Are we going to be left here all alone?" she said, self-mockingly. more »

I like my children

  Mon 23rd July 2012
It might sound an obvious thing for a man to say, but in my case it took several years to like being part of a family. It took leaving Kirsty, who is a lovely, attractive, witty, clever, well-dressed, pisstaking woman. more »

I give a glamour model a flapjack

  Fri 20th July 2012
I went to do my volunteer reception work at Really Late. I was sitting in with someone I hadn't met before. She looked like a girl from a 70s pop magazine. more »

Afternoon tea

  Wed 18th July 2012
A woman who takes you to London deserves a nice tea.I burnt out my mixer on the frozen fruit for the Summer Pudding (fortunately right at the end), and in changing the sponges round in the oven I jerked one off the shelf and it all fell onto the flames. more »

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There are plenty of bastards who drink moderately. Of course, I don't consider them to be people. They are not our comrades.
Sergei Korovin, quoted in Pavel Krusanov, The Blue Book of the Alcoholic

I am here to change my life. I am here to force myself to change my life.
Chinese man I met during Freshers Week at Lancaster University, 2008

Tell me, why is it that even when we are enjoying music, for instance, or a beautiful evening, or a conversation in agreeable company, it all seems no more than a hint of some infinite felicity existing apart somewhere, rather than actual happiness – such, I mean, as we ourselves can really possess?
Turgenev, Fathers and Sons

I hate the iPod; I hate the idea that music is such a personal thing that you can just stick some earplugs in your ears and have an experience with music. Music is a social phenomenon.
Jeremy Wagner

Using words well is a social virtue. Use 'fortuitous' once more to mean 'fortunate' and you move an English word another step towards the dustbin. If your mistake took hold, no-one who valued clarity would be able to use the word again.
John Whale

One good thing about being a Marxist is that you don't have to pretend to like work.
Terry Eagleton, What Is A Novel?, Lancaster University, 1 Feb 2010

The working man is a fucking loser.
Mick, The Golden Lion, Lancaster, 21 Mar 2011

"Just sit still and listen" - woman to teenage girl at Elliott Carter weekend, London 2006

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