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Epsom salts

  Mon 26th November 2012

Bugger. Set my alarm for 5.30am hoping that I could listen to the closing stages of the Second Test against India, and we've already beaten them.

For my next trick, I had this photomontage ready of a bottle of placcy cider, a canvas bag from some academic conference or other called the Festival of Social Science, a debt collector's letter asking for 2208.75, and one from the bailiffs saying they're coming round to "seize my goods" (what a dramatic phrase) for this six hundred quid I owe the Council. I was going to publish it as an image of the life of drunken intellectual poverty I lead, but the ISP have put us on limited rations for exceeding our 120GB / month allowance, and it won't let me upload photographs. Someone in this house is caning the internet. I've changed the package to one allowing us 250GB. FFS what's he doing? Running a film studio?

Instead, we'll have a picture uploaded before the current restrictions, of one of Britain's top models who practices the heptathlon in her spare time, used here on the flimsy excuse that she's holding the ICC Champions Trophy.

In a few hours I am meeting Trina on Lancaster station and we are off to stay with her old uni friend in Epsom for a couple of days. Apparently she has a very boring husband.


Comment from: young at heart [Visitor]

something to mull over with the boring husband perhaps…….!!

Mon 26th November 2012 @ 09:12
Comment from: [Member]

Some benighted people think that cricket is boring. We must try to understand such people, not condemn them.

My male relatives usually start talking by discussing the merits of various driving routes to a destination.

Mon 26th November 2012 @ 10:26

It’s weirdly flattering to be name-checked in someone’s blog. Thanks for the thrill. A few tables away, some German tourists are face-timing LOUDLY into their pad device with family back in The Motherland. They’re going to Chinatown today! I want to yank it out of their hands and slam it into the table edge.

There. I feel much better now.

Mon 26th November 2012 @ 12:02
Comment from: [Member]

He he :) Well, don’t mention the war.

Mon 26th November 2012 @ 12:05
Comment from: furtheron [Visitor]

My son found someone had hacked into his internet box over the summer - luckily we spotted it before it cost him anything but… so before you blame your housemate double check there is nothing nefarious going on

Tue 27th November 2012 @ 11:21

Convoquez un mesure pour faire défendre un dépannage serrurier hauts de seine 92.

Thu 29th November 2012 @ 21:56

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