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  Wed 13th April 2011

Hi again looby!!!

But I still do not have any reply from you. Did you get my first letter at all??? We met on the dating site if you forgot. You have given your e-mail address from there so I have contact with you.

OK I am trying for write more info about me which I did not write in my first letter to you. First of all I must inform to you that I do not have any computer at home therefore I use Internet Cafe service. This is paid service of granting of work on the computer and grantings of using of a network the Internet. Therefore sometimes I would not be able to write to you everyday. Please sorry for it.

Few thing what I like. I love sports very much: tennis, swimming, volleyball, ski. I love to see sport on TV such as hockey, football, racing, even boxing sometimes. Also I love to see some extreme kinds of sports such as windserfing, skateboard, motorbikes shows. I also love winter kinds of sports: ski, skate, snowboards. Winters in Russia are long so most people likes winter kinds of sports. Do you like sport? Do you like to see or enjoy youself? And what kinds of sports you like?

I do not smoke at all but if someone smoke around me I am OK. Every man choose life and health. I will not ask you do you smoke or not, because really it is not important for me at all. As for drinks sometimes I drink wine, champane and some light alcohol cocktails... What drinks do you like?

I like to cook. I love Russian food, but it demands very big efforts. I think that preparation of Russian dish this present art. Some dishes demand very long operating time above them, but then the dish turns out very tasty and appetizing. Also I like Italian and some Europe food. And what kind of food do you like??? Ask me anything you want. I will try to answer everything you are interesting.

Here is my past pic. May be you did not get it and therefore did not write to me for this reason... Also I added few new pics for you. I will wait for your next letter plus pic would be pleasant for me also.


Hello Lisabeta

Thank you for very pleasant letter and your pictures. I appreciate them a great deal.

I have to tell you a few things. First, I am 47. Second, I have no money at all. I do not own a house. I am poor. I am a student. Third, I do not want to get married. Fourth, I only want to meet women I can meet easily. Russia is a long way away and I can't come to Russia to meet you.

Given these things, I am afraid that it will not be possible to start any relationship. I hope you can meet someone more suitable for you and I wish you the very best of luck on the site.


Oops, that was a bit harsh, putting her in a stereotyped position of the East European goldigger. She might have just wanted a pen pal, or to practice her English. And you never know, a weekend being shown round Moscow and sharing a couple of "light alcohol cocktails" with a good looking young Ruskie, if I had the money one day...


Comment from: [Member]

Sorry Looby, it was me.

Wed 13th April 2011 @ 08:53
Comment from: [Member]

Have you got any more of *those* pictures?

Wed 13th April 2011 @ 08:59
Comment from: Sarsparilla [Visitor]

snort. I think the list of interests reads like it’s targeted at a lonely North American middle aged “bear” market. I mean, even sporty russian women also love shopping.

Wed 13th April 2011 @ 18:25
Comment from: heybartender [Visitor]

Not to nitpick, Sarsparilla, but “bears” are more for gay guys, no?
Loob- this is the perfect start to a short story that I hope you will write at some point. Hilarious. Also, I have a Russian friend who can give you a few phrases to throw out there, if you should change your mind. (Any chance you can get her to send you video of herself in her underwear repeating the phrase “Vee must keel moose and squirrel"?

Thu 14th April 2011 @ 01:34
Comment from: [Member]

Oh blimey. I went back to my profile page, to add a dissuading couple of sentences (У меня нет денег. Я не хочу жениться. Я только хочу, чтобы встретиться с женщинами, которые живут в Англии), and there was another message from her.

“[…] You know our age difference is not important to me because I looking just a good man and I believe that I can do it without seeing to the age.

But why do you see a big problem in our distance difference??? We could just write letters to each other and learn and who knows may be sometime I could reach you there or you reach me here. As for me I plan to visit your country soon. That’s why I wrote to you. Because we really have chance to meet each other in future.

But please do not think about me badly. I have only real and serious intentions for our dialogue. I am not going to ask money from you or something else. Please do not think such way about me […]

And upping the ante, the picture this time is a rather coquettish one of her in a miniskirt.

Thu 14th April 2011 @ 11:41
Comment from: Sarsparilla [Visitor]

There are straight fat beardy guys in leather singlets, too! Okay, leave out the singlet. And probably mostly in the states.

Fri 15th April 2011 @ 17:27

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