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  Fri 30th March 2012

Temperatures are soaring into the teens here in Lancaster, and with this, comes the depressing spectacle of the English male in its summer plumage: the Cargo Pant.

Oh dear

Combined with little white trainers and ankle socks just peeping above the top of the shoe, I cannot think of anything as ugly and unflattering for the typical hairy legged English man-youth. There are even worse examples than the one illustrated, covered with the company logo in huge flourescent lettering, but there are limits to what my eyes can stand.

If anyone wears these horrors, a note of what I am missing about a baggy muddle of pockets and flaps, on a trouser at half mast (presumably to mark the passing of style), would be appreciated.

Maintaining similar standards for the female sex, is this lass, spotted in Lancaster this morning. It's not just me getting old is it?

Wrong. So very wrong.

I've had a lovely afternoon in which I told a barrister--whom I met in a personal capacity, I hasten to add, not a professional one--that she has a beautiful cleavage, the details of which I will record later. I mean, not the details of her cleavage, but the situation in which I ended up saying that the way that her necklace draped into her tits was making it a bit difficult to look at her face. She had a naughty cackling laugh.

Spoken for, so nothing happening, but she asked for my email address. I was hesitant about that because if friskiness is not even potentially on offer, I'm not sure if I want to spend drunken time with an attractive woman, but I gave it her anyway.

Halfway through all this, The Anthropologist rings. She's American, which I didn't expect at all. You can usually tell Americans: they're all happy. She sounded nervous, which put me at my ease a bit, because I was nervous too, trying to sound more confident that I felt. I was glad that I'd had a couple by the time she rang.

This is more like it. First contact: Thursday. First phone call: Friday. First meeting: Tuesday.


Comment from: [Member]

An American? North or South?

Sat 31st March 2012 @ 00:15

“It’s not just me getting old is it?”

Sorry, Yes.

Welcome to the Old Grumpy Bastards club

Next step is actually liking Jeremy Clarkson.


BTW The young lass photographed seems to be wearing what I would call an apron or pinny. So much for Women’s Lib if they start wearing these representational symbols of women being tied to housework.

She did however, have quite a nice arse.

Sat 31st March 2012 @ 05:24
Comment from: [Member]

That’s the pity TSB. She’s ruining good material (nice waist, nice rear).

The Anthropologist is from your country DF - although where, I don’t know yet. She’s got a strange accent, with bits of Lancashire poking through the long American vowels.

Sat 31st March 2012 @ 08:29
Comment from: nursemyra [Visitor]

Too much back on show. I don’t like the outfit at all.

But a front cleavage is a thing of beauty

Sun 1st April 2012 @ 03:52
Comment from: [Member]

It is indeed Nursey, and when shown off like she was doing, it was irresistible. She was wearing a bluey-greeny low V-necked top which looked very attractive. And she had a winning personality, chatty, witty and flirty. Probably used to quite a bit of male attention, which is why she took my remarks in a good way.

Sun 1st April 2012 @ 07:57
Comment from: young at heart [Visitor]

hilarious…your cargo pant comments you are wasted on the north down here you’d have your own show…I hate the longer versions especially when worn by the middle aged and older man….like they’re auditioning for the artful dodger…..good luck with the yank….ooh er missus!!

Mon 2nd April 2012 @ 13:23
Comment from: Furtheron [Visitor]

I think I go along with the previous comments regarding the photographed young lady - nice material but needs to work better on her final presentation… looks like her bottom half is freezing, thick jeans and boots whilst her top half is hot - i.e. very little but a bra. Maybe she has one of those cars with a two way temp control and lays across the seats to drive it… where am I going with all this one?

I never wear shorts of any kind - I am English and have an Englishmans legs - we don’t have legs to be exposed in public it just isn’t cricket you know

Mon 2nd April 2012 @ 14:02
Comment from: Lord Lurk [Visitor]

I wear those shorts, and trainers with little socks - I cycle a lot, and it’s pretty much standard gear if you don’t want to go for the full-on lycra look.

Of course, by virtue of all the cycling, I’ve got pretty good legs which get plenty of sun, so I don’t mind flaunting them.

Tue 3rd April 2012 @ 10:02
Comment from: [Member]

I’m sticking to my long trousers and cycle clips :)

YAH: My yanks usually end quite successfully, but I’ll have to see how I get on with a Yank in about…ooh, 2.5 hours!

Tue 3rd April 2012 @ 11:34

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