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Silly point

  Mon 20th August 2012

Someone I know annoys me greatly with this email. The reply required a good deal of self-control to come out as it did rather than "Why don't you shut the fuck up you pompous tosser?"

Naomi McAuliffe -- A pint of beer is every woman's right.

In happier news, Trina rings to discuss what we're going to do for her birthday next month. I say that it'll have to something very cheap as I've spent all my disposable income for September in advance, mainly on a trip with my ex-boss to this most beautiful corner of Nottingham for the final One Day International against South Africa.

I said "I tell you what, as a special treat, come to Lancaster and we'll have butter pie, peas and gravy, and you can have a flapjack for pud. All on me."

"Look," she batted back. "You say you've never been to the Isle of Man. Let's go there, let me pay, just for a couple of days." I start to protest in a way that we both understand isn't serious. "No--when you've got it, you can treat me." Fuck knows when that'll be, I think.

Isn't that kind of her though?


Comment from: young at heart [Visitor]

indeed … are a lucky guy!!

Mon 20th August 2012 @ 12:07
Comment from: [Member]

I’ll thank her most profusely once we snuggle down on Ellen Vannin.

Mon 20th August 2012 @ 12:09

.aol?! Who the hell is .aol anymore?!

That really is kind of her. You don’t have any misgivings about going, do you? Simply because she’s footing the bill? Because it doesn’t make a whit of difference.

Completely off topic: Do you remember I mentioned that I once dated a woman who was an architect, a Yale graduate and a dancer? She was a good 15 years older than I was – at least. We stopped seeing each other after I disparaged John Cage’s work. Well…I bumped into her in a theater last week. It was 20 years ago but she remembers me! She ended up marrying a business tycoon whose net worth is estimated by Forbes Magazine at $2 billion. Billion! The marriage lasted three years. We’re having drinks next month.

Mon 20th August 2012 @ 12:27
Comment from: furtheron [Visitor]

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth… or somesuch like that who knows?

Go - it is a genuine nice offer and one day you’ll be rich beyond your wildest dreams and able to repay it many times over – well maybe…

Mon 20th August 2012 @ 12:44
Comment from: isabelle [Visitor]

Yes, tosser indeed. There’s nothing like a proper pint ( head on of course ).

Mon 20th August 2012 @ 15:59
Comment from: [Member]

UB: AOL, I know. Surprised they’re still in busniness.

What a great chance meeting! Yes, I remember your story about losing the live wire dancer woman by slagging off John Cage. I hope the drinks go well–nice that she remembered you after all that time. Let us know (here, if you don’t want to put it on the blog) how it goes. It’s fascinating when people from one’s past turn up again and seeing how the alchemy works.

F: I’ll never be rich–I can’t be arsed with the work involved.

Iz: Mmmm… I quite like a flat pint to be honest–I learnt to drink in west London, without sparklers.

Mon 20th August 2012 @ 18:00
Comment from: [Member]

i am white, FEmale, and could easily be bearded if i didn’t tend to my ladywhiskers on a regular basis. and i like real ale. bastard. you should have stopped whatever you were doing and immediately gone to see the sender of that e-mail and stepped on his head. twice because he still uses .aol

(and SHUT UP, UB… i kept my AOL as a garbage collector account!)

let trina have a good holiday with her buddy… you can make up for it via entertainment and services rendered!

Mon 20th August 2012 @ 21:45
Comment from: [Member]

Bit confused. Trina’s going to have a good holiday with “her buddy"? Who’s that then? She’s going with me.

I wish you would capitalise your sentences. But you drink proper beer, so we’ll forgive you.

Mon 20th August 2012 @ 22:17

*sigh* I know I’m getting old and easily confused, but did you write the email?

I’m not sure what you’re upset about?
Is it the article demanding equal ale-rights for our ladies/
Is it the pretentiousness of the reply?

Have a lovely time in the Isle of Man, but look uot for the TTs. I heard some escaped after the last race.

Tue 21st August 2012 @ 19:32
Comment from: [Member]

The first part of the email about it being Feminazi is from my friend. The bit in black is my reply to him.

It pissed me off because of what I saw as its misogyny, based on a sexist assumption that women should not properly be seen in decorous society enjoying real ale.

This would piss me off at any day o’clock, but seeing as I’ve met Trina, who likes beer, it rankled me the more.

A great many men don’t like women, but they can’t say that, or articulate it (since that would be to talk about their own feelings and they hate doing that), so as a cheap, deflecting shot, they go on about their writing being Feminazi. Oooh, I am annoyed greatly!

Wed 22nd August 2012 @ 23:31

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