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  Thu 13th December 2012

Yesterday afternoon I uploaded a mangled version of an audio blog post, but as I am manfully up at 6am in order to listen to the Fourth Test against India, I have taken the opportunity to upload a better version of Today's blog post. The original cut off the last few seconds.


Comment from: Tony [Visitor]

Hope she dances as good as me mate, in fact I reckon she will be 10 times better.
Enjoy your Saturday. Have they sorted the annual September do, if so I may need a single room.

P.S. Good luck with the bloody bailifs.

Thu 13th December 2012 @ 14:23
Comment from: [Member]

oh what fun! audio recorded blog post!

sorry about the pesky bailifs… hoping all that works out for you.

Thu 13th December 2012 @ 19:09
Comment from: [Member]

Well Tony she’ll have to be a nifty mover to match your swerves :) They’ll definitely be running the Spetember weekender. There’s a slight possibility she won’t like it so I’ll let you know whether you need a single room (or a girlfriend) :)

DF: Thanks! I wish they’d bloody hurry up and come round. The waiting’s the worst.

Fri 14th December 2012 @ 00:01

She no work, cap’n. I tried on two platforms; my iPhone and PC netbook. What’s this about a bailiff?

Fri 14th December 2012 @ 04:51

Listened to it and am now greatly worried. I didn’t know you were a Dalek.

It was so crackly, and full of pops and hisses that I couldn’t really understand it at all.

Have you been naughty again?

Fri 14th December 2012 @ 08:05
Comment from: [Member]

Oh right ok, I’ll scrap it. It’s a cheap recorder and I had to hold it close to the pc’s microphone to transfer it. I’ve just tried it on the girls’ computer and yes it’s incomprehensible.

But in a nutshell:

1) Fucking lodger has got the heating on all bloody day, and I’m anxious about approaching him to say the rent isn’t fixed at the level of having the heating on for fifteen hours a day.

2) I’ve got bailiffs coming round any day now because I owe the Council 630 quid.

3) I’m just trying to get through to Friday night when I can concentrate on Saturday, when I am going out dancing with Trina ("a fucking top bird, as we say in the local parlance"), at the Modern Soul and Soulful House night in St Anne’s.

Fri 14th December 2012 @ 11:38
Comment from: isabelle [Visitor]

hey that’s weird because I listened and could hear it all properly…?
(fucking top bird made me laugh)

Fri 14th December 2012 @ 23:39
Comment from: [Member]

Strange–works ok for me on my own computer but not on the girls’.

Never mind–

1) Bailiffs haven’t turned up.
2) Soulful House @ the Langdales tonight has appeared in the Weekend section of today’s Guardian, so I hope that doesn’t mean there’ll be lots of people there called Saturn and Storm, agonising about having to downsize to a 700K house in Clapham.

Sat 15th December 2012 @ 07:29

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