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I am handled by a student

  Tue 15th November 2022

I've just come back from an appointment at the dental hospital.

I'd been referred there because my teeth are a jumble sales of caries, fractures, gingivitis, and -- a flexible word, new to me today in this sense -- "calculus", which is a hardened, calcified form of plaque in an unattractive colour that unfairly implicates even non-smokers into the habit. I noticed "recreational drugs" in my case notes. I don't remember confessing that to anyone recently.

It started pleasurably with a young woman putting her fingers against my neck, jaw and cheeks and asking me to move my head in various ways. It's a beautiful feeling to be touched by a stranger; everywhere on your body becomes heightened, and wishing you had permission to ask things.

She was a final year student with advertisement teeth and even cleaner knickers. Later on, her supervisor came over, with that "I've read your case notes" air of the senior health professional. I was politely told off about the inadequacy of my cleaning regime and warned that there was an extensive programme of work ahead, including extractions.

I imagined them chatting together afterwards. "Hmmm... late fifties man living alone? What a surprise his teeth are a mess. Bet he's got dirty mags under his bed and his toilet's all brown. Eurgh...can you imagine the insides of his pants?"

Chastened, and glad to be out, I went to Wilko and got an electric toothbrush, as recommended. "It'll do all the work for you." It takes a bit of getting used to, this loud buzzing thing in my mouth, and it makes me salivate uncontrollably, but the effects are noticeable already, and I'll soon have a gusset as bright as that of the student dentist.

A couple of highlights from the railway.

* Not seeing my approach as I move backwards down the aisle with my trolley, a girl in her late teens lays back on the double seats and opens her mouth at my crotch level just as I pass. We all laugh, collaboratively.

* I am taking my repose with a cup of tea after working hard for several minutes, when a female guard appears. Her tits strain her buttons, the top three of which are undone. Her uniform shirt is tight enough to outline the texture of her bra.

All this information I had to capture in the first fraction of a second as she sits down facing me, before I clamp my eyes, in a moral correct position, on her face. My concentration in doing do only reveals where my real interests lie.


Comment from: Scarlet [Visitor]

Oh! I’ve just had all my plaque removed! I had the pumice stone stuff on the back of my teeth as well, as I hadn’t had them properly cleaned in 10 years. I have to go back every three months as they are trying to save one of my molars.
Yep, they can tell everything about you from your teeth.
Are you using interdental brushes now - they’re a game changer - your dentist will be super impressed if you start using those and may upgrade you to having clean pants and toilet.

Wed 16th November 2022 @ 23:43 Reply to this comment
Comment from: looby [Visitor]

Yes, I don’t facy another telling-off. I used to use those brushes but lke many good resolutions I didn’t keep them up. But back to the scrubbing brushes.

Sat 19th November 2022 @ 04:03 Reply to this comment
Comment from: kono [Visitor]

Ah the dentist… i know them well, the amount of root canals i can’t even remember, it’s gotten to the point where i can fall asleep during the most horrendous procedure, dentists have actually commented at how relaxed i am even though i’m not all that relaxed, lol!

Years ago i used to go to the local dental school cuz it was cheap… the one morning, after a particularly good night, i was in there fairly reeking of booze, after the senior instructor checked me, the student dentist came back over and commented, “man you really had a good night, even the Dr. commented on how strong the alcohol smell is… and she’s a total lush.” Proud moments indeed. ;)

Thu 17th November 2022 @ 06:38 Reply to this comment
Comment from: looby [Visitor]

Oooh I can’t imagine Bristol Dental School being as tolerant.

Once you get past the idea of it, I quite enjoy the cocaine-family anaesthetics at the dentist :)

Sat 19th November 2022 @ 04:05 Reply to this comment

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