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The Empty Quarter

  Thu 27th September 2012
I ventured into the Empty Quarter yesterday--the eerie flatlands between Leyland and Southport--and had a most pleasant afternoon with Trina in Croston, a village which is still pretty even with its lines of sandbags along the streets. more »

Not on the Irish Sea

  Mon 24th September 2012
I should be on the Isle of Man. I am not. more »

Ashes to ashes

  Sun 23rd September 2012
My 70-year-old acting teacher died suddenly this week. A heart attack in Market Square, which sent him lurching back for a fatal bang on the head. more »

It be Int'National Talk Like A Pirate Day!

  Wed 19th September 2012
Huzzah ye landlubbers, hearties and bilge rats. Had a rollicking night with the Welsh wench on The Black Pig. more »

Stripping at the seaside

  Mon 17th September 2012
A fabulous weekend in St Annes with one of the oldest--I mean, longest-standing--readers of this blog, who treks up all the way up from Hampshire, to give our snazziest slacks an airing on the dancefloor at the Soulful Dance Weekender. more »

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There are plenty of bastards who drink moderately. Of course, I don't consider them to be people. They are not our comrades.
Sergei Korovin, quoted in Pavel Krusanov, The Blue Book of the Alcoholic

I am here to change my life. I am here to force myself to change my life.
Chinese man I met during Freshers Week at Lancaster University, 2008

The more democratised art becomes, the more we recognise in it our own mediocrity.
James Meek

Tell me, why is it that even when we are enjoying music, for instance, or a beautiful evening, or a conversation in agreeable company, it all seems no more than a hint of some infinite felicity existing apart somewhere, rather than actual happiness – such, I mean, as we ourselves can really possess?
Turgenev, Fathers and Sons

I hate the iPod; I hate the idea that music is such a personal thing that you can just stick some earplugs in your ears and have an experience with music. Music is a social phenomenon.
Jeremy Wagner

La vie poetique has its pleasures, and readings--ideally a long way from home--are one of them. I can pretend to be George Szirtes.
George Szirtes

Using words well is a social virtue. Use 'fortuitous' once more to mean 'fortunate' and you move an English word another step towards the dustbin. If your mistake took hold, no-one who valued clarity would be able to use the word again.
John Whale

One good thing about being a Marxist is that you don't have to pretend to like work.
Terry Eagleton, What Is A Novel?, Lancaster University, 1 Feb 2010

The working man is a fucking loser.
Mick, The Golden Lion, Lancaster, 21 Mar 2011

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